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Driftwood for Sale by Cypress Bayou Creations. Driftwood at its Finest for your aquascape aquarium, vivarium or large driftwood for ponds or driftwood decor. Others may have aquarium driftwood, but Cypress Bayou Creations are works of art for your aquarium,fish habitat and aquatic plants. The cypress knees and driftwood are carefully prepared and immediately safe for use for your aquarium, reptile driftwood,taxidermy driftwood, or as wood spirits carving. Swampy gathers the swampwood himself for your aquarium supply of the finest driftwood.

Cypress Bayou Creations


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New Driftwood Available in all Categories!

What's On Sale?


Join us on our continuing journey to the Hidden Special World where Cypress Wood Lives

through the stunning work of the Bayou Artist

known by his friends as


Aquarium Driftwood & Decor for Sale by Cypress Bayou Creations. Join us on a Journey into the stunning work of Aquarium Driftwood,Reptile Driftwood, Centerpieces, Cypress Knees,Bird Houses and Much More. Displayed is D. Owens aquarium with his Cypress Driftwood Stump purchased here.

The passion he feels for this special woodworking shines in the warmth of the wood.

Over 30 years, Swampy has been creating diamonds of

Aquarium Driftwood from untouched wood he finds

in the Cypress Bayous.

As did the forefathers, he collects his own wood for his art from the remote swamp.

Aquarium Driftwood for Sale - Aquarium Decor Driftwood Aquarium Fish Decorations Stone Centerpiece Taxidermy Basking Reptile

Each piece of wood is carefully rendered safe then studied before the first cut is made.


Every month at least, there are new selections of Aquarium Driftwood for Sale here at Swampy's Website. Browse through his pages for your next cypress driftwood purchase!


The same care and precision is taken with each piece Cypress Creations of Aquarium Driftwood.

From our true Cypress Knees to the beautiful Cypress Driftwood Castles, all pieces are handled with care and attention to the driftwood and to your special needs.


Enter now into Swampy's Very Special

World of the Cypress Bayous


Cypress Driftwood for Sale.Down into the back of the Louisiana Swamps is where we find this pristine cypress driftwood.  Driftwood Aquarium Fish Decorations Stone Centerpiece Taxidermy Basking Reptile

Where Time stands Still....







and Cypress Driftwood comes Alive...