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Cypress Driftwood by Cypress Bayou Creations by Swampy is Driftwood at its Finest for your aquascape aquarium, vivarium or large driftwood for ponds or driftwood decor. Others may have aquarium driftwood, but Cypress Bayou Creations are works of art for your aquarium,fish habitat and aquatic plants. The cypress knees and driftwood are carefully prepared and immediately safe for use for your aquarium, reptile driftwood,taxidermy driftwood, or as wood spirits carving. Swampy gathers the swampwood himself for your aquarium supply of the finest driftwood.

Cypress Bayou Creations


Your online Visual Guide of  Our Select Cypress Driftwood for sale. 

All pieces of this Cypress Driftwood are for sale unless marked otherwise.

Please use this  guide to select any pieces that are not yet in the new Purchasing Catalog.


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Bamboo Habitat & Breeding Caves

Matt Shauer Photo of Hillstream Loach on AmazonMoosey's Ambit Bamboo Habitat Cave

(Photo by: Matt Schauer - NBM Aquatics Proprietor)


AmazonMoosey's Ambit is offering another example of our 100% "Made in America" Aquarium Products!

When you are breeding fish that utilize caves and tunnels, there is no such thing as having too many.

The bamboo for these caves is grown locally in a secluded area.  It is not sprayed or fertilized or treated in any fashion, making these caves completely natural.

I have found fish choose the Bamboo Habitat Caves over PVC piping, when offered both.   Tunnels are Bamboo Caves with the joints cut from both ends.

 I believe you will find, as I and many others do, the Bamboo Habitat Caves and Tunnels do not detract from the natural beauty of your aquarium.

Bamboo Breeder Caves and Habitat Tunnels


Fresh Green Bamboo Cave and Tunnels Back

in Stock!

Bamboo Breeder Caves and Habitat Tunnels

Purchase Your Bamboo Breeder Caves and Tunnels




As breeders of certain fish, need caves  and tunnels of a particular size for the entrance, the caves and tunnels are sorted -

Bamboo Breeder Caves and Habitat Tunnels

by their "ID", or "Inner Diameter" of the Entrance.

Once you get in your green bamboo caves, do a quick dip in boiling water.  Since they are stored in an outside shed, this is good before adding to your aquarium, to remove any additional bamboo dust and any dirt.  This will also help them sink for immediate use.

I don't believe in making you buy a dozen or two before you get to save any money. 

Discounts are shown, starting at purchasing 3 or more.

Need one of each size?  No Problem!

The Discount will still apply and that includes Tunnels!

How can you beat that? 

Price 3 or more 6 or more 12 or more
ea ea ea ea
5 to 6.5" 5.00 4.50 4.00 3.50
7 to 8.5" 7.00 6.50 6.00 5.00
9"  to 13" 9.00 8.50 8.00 7.00

Purchase Your Bamboo Breeder Caves and Tunnels


Add Bamboo Shrimp Rings to your Aquarium for your shrimp habitat!

Aquarium Shrimp with Bamboo Shrimp Rings

Photos of Bamboo Shrimp Rings with Shrimp, Courtesy of Wicca

Bamboo Shrimp Rings $1.00 ea 3 or more 6 or more 12 or more
ea ea ea
.90 .80 .75

Email me Today   

with any questions or Custom Bamboo Cave Orders.



Tunnels and Caves                          Beneficial for Your Fish