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Cypress Bayou Creations

Customer Testimonials

"I was fortunate enough to find a new form of art recently. This art fits in my fish tank and turns it into an object of art, not just a fish tank. Let me suggest that if you truly want a beautiful tank that you think very seriously about acquiring some of this Bayou Magic for your own tank.

Don purchased this Aquarium Driftwood from Cypress Bayou Creations for this tank.Aquarium and Photo by Don O.

The picture of my tank shown above says more than mere words
can ever say. Swampwood has changed my idea of a decorated tank forever.
I truly treasure the piece that I have, and hope to acquire some for each of my tanks in the near future."

Don O. of RMC Aquarium Chat a devoted fan of Swampy, the Bayous' own artist.


"I have scoured the net looking for driftwood.     You can Find TTA in Aquat Chat discussing fish and Plants.  

  Finding Swampy's wood was like winning the lottery. There is no better source for driftwood anywhere and it doesn't matter if it is going into a 2.5 or a 250 gal. tank, swampy always has the perfect piece. So far I have 15 pieces and there is no end in sight. Curtis- you are to driftwood what Amano is to plants."


The Cypress Bayou Creations Photo Gallery.

See the multitude of Aquarium Driftwood and other items available.

Photo Gallery is quite large -

Dialup visitors may wish not to view this.. 


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