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Cypress Driftwood by Cypress Bayou Creations by Swampy is Driftwood at its Finest for your aquascape aquarium, vivarium or large driftwood for ponds or driftwood decor. Others may have aquarium driftwood, but Cypress Bayou Creations are works of art for your aquarium,fish habitat and aquatic plants. The cypress knees and driftwood are carefully prepared and immediately safe for use for your aquarium, reptile driftwood,taxidermy driftwood, or as wood spirits carving. Swampy gathers the swampwood himself for your aquarium supply of the finest driftwood.

Cypress Bayou Creations

Your online Visual Guide of  Our Select Cypress Driftwood for sale.


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Join others with your interest in Plecos, Loaches, Angelfish,Discus, DYI Projects, Plants and Aquascape Designs of Aquariums.



NBM Aquatics

Matt may be fairly new compared with many of the old time fishkeepers I know, but I doubt you'll find anyone more enthusiastic or fish friendly.  Be sure to check out his site.


Jakes's Planted Aquarium Pages

I've known AquaJake for quite a few years.  I watched his love of aquatic plants grow into a deep passion.  Even though we don't talk and visit as we used to, here is someone with vast knowledge of aquatic plants and aquascaping.



I've known this guy even longer and through it all, he's a man that knows his fish.  You never can tell what sort of fish he'll have for sale next!  First thing you do visiting his page is scroll to the bottom and turn that horrible noise off.  He knows his fish but quite a few are working diligently round the clock to edumucate this quality fish seller on better music!  :-p



I doubt you will find a friendlier or more energetic fish keeper and fish breeder than Hca.  In a short time, she has developed her fish breeding room and has become known as a quality seller.  Check in on her link above for her latest listing of endlers, guppies and more!  Tell her "Moosey" sent yah!


What is there to say about that hasn't already been said?  It's THE best aquatic auction site on the internet.  If you haven't tried it - do so.


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