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Cypress Driftwood by Cypress Bayou Creations by Swampy is Driftwood at its Finest for your aquascape aquarium, vivarium or large driftwood for ponds or driftwood decor. Others may have aquarium driftwood, but Cypress Bayou Creations are works of art for your aquarium,fish habitat and aquatic plants. The cypress knees and driftwood are carefully prepared and immediately safe for use for your aquarium, reptile driftwood,taxidermy driftwood, or as wood spirits carving. Swampy gathers the swampwood himself for your aquarium supply of the finest driftwood.

Cypress Bayou Creations


Your online Visual Guide of  Our Select Cypress Driftwood for sale. 

All pieces of this Cypress Driftwood are for sale unless marked otherwise.

Please use this  guide to select any pieces that are not yet in the new Purchasing Catalog.


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628-6x8x2 Cypress Driftwood
SKU: 628-6x8x2

Price: $17.50

635-2x9x1 Cypress Knee
SKU: 635-2x9x1

Price: $17.50

640-3x8x2 Cypress Driftwood Nano Castle
SKU: 640-3x8x2

Price: $17.50
Retail Price: $25.00 (Save $7.50)

654-K-6&2Tx2D Cypress Knee and Stump
SKU: 654-K-6&2Tx2D

Price: $22.00

657-3Tx2D Cypress Nano Stump
SKU: 657-3Tx2D

Price: $12.50

662-1x5x1 - Cypress Nano Fork
SKU: 662-1x5x1

Price: $12.50

663-3x6x1 - Cypress Nano Mountain
SKU: 663-3x6x1

Price: $12.50

668-4x4x2 - Nano Stump
SKU: 668-4x4x2

Price: $12.50

717-3x10x2 Cypress Driftwood Nano Castle
SKU: 717-3x10x2

Price: $20.00

Alligator Bayou Cypress Driftwood
SKU: 772-24x16x10

Price: $85.00

Ame Ami Cipre
SKU: 729-8X23X3

Price: $60.00

Au Ras Au Ras Cypress Driftwood
SKU: 631-14Tx3D

Price: $27.00

Besoin Castle Driftwood
SKU: 545-5x14x2

Price: $36.00

Cache-Cache Cypress
SKU: 645-6x15x2

Price: $30.00

Capoter Cypress Driftwood
SKU: 445-5x19x2

Price: $45.00

Chouette Cypress Driftwood Castle II
SKU: 576-5x11x2

Price: $30.00

Classic Non Cypress Root Driftwood III
SKU: 451-23x26

Price: $125.00

Court Cuisse Driftwood
SKU: 584-5x7x1

Price: $15.00

Crag Mountain Driftwood
SKU: 622-9x14x5

Price: $28.00

Creme Bruelee II
SKU: 610-21Tx6D

Price: $40.00

Custom Order Grouping 2
SKU: Group2-20x10x14

Price: $90.00

Cypress Bourriquet
SKU: 768-5x11x1

Price: $17.50

Cypress Chevrette Fourchette Driftwood
SKU: 757-3x12x1

Price: $25.00

Cypress Driftwood Drapeau
SKU: 638-7x12x1

Price: $27.00

Cypress Driftwood Stump
SKU: sold-6x7x4

Price: $28.00

Cypress Genou Zinzin Driftwood
SKU: 560-KC-13x6D

Price: $35.00

Cypress Perogue
SKU: 764-20x4x1

Price: $40.00


Faraud tes Maison Cypress Driftwood
SKU: 744-6x13x3

Price: $35.00

Il Fait Beau Driftwood
SKU: 632-6x17x1

Price: $27.00

Laisse Moi Driftwood
SKU: 572-5x18x1

Price: $35.00

Le Tablier Driftwood
SKU: 655-K-12Lx2D

Price: $25.00

Longues ce Bois Cypress Driftwood
SKU: 623-K-31x5D

Price: $65.00

Los Adeas Tower Cypress Driftwood
SKU: 551-6x18x1

Price: $35.00

Maniere Joli Driftwood
SKU: 701-11X6D

Price: $25.00

Mon Parrain Driftwood Castle
SKU: 728-7X16X1

Price: $40.00

Ne Pas Oublier Driftwood
SKU: 711-10x19x1

Price: $45.00

Ode a l'Acadie Cipre Tour
SKU: 684-23Tx5

Price: $45.00

Pierre Part Levee
SKU: 805-36x7x5

Price: $99.00

Plume Cipre Driftwood
SKU: 637-5x15x1

Price: $30.00

Pointe la Hache Driftwood
SKU: 642-4x14x1

Price: $30.00

Populaire Pont Breaux Driftwood
SKU: 763-6x11x1

Price: $33.00

Reveille Tower
SKU: 687-18Tx5D

Price: $45.00

Sabine Point Cypress Driftwood
SKU: 541-4x12x1

Price: $28.00

Tayau Brailler
SKU: 727-6x15x2

Price: $33.00

Vous-autres Cypress
SKU: 713-19Tx4D

Price: $40.00